Our Mission

To provide an alternative, modular, convertible, eco conscious container design choice  to stakeholders  which when adopted, will benefit people, planet and profit.

Our Vision

For The  Bottle To Jar (B2J) Container  Design to be adopted as  the container  design choice of consumers and manufacturers, globally.

Our Objectives


To enable millions of consumers globally to access and use 100% of their product purchased, resulting in 0% product residues being discharged into the environment.


To empower manufacturers, through our  B2 J design, to collectively participate and contribute to global initiatives for environmental conservation: 1 Manufacturer, 1 Consumer, 1 Container, 1 Product, One day at a time.


To enable and stimulate a series of  simple, collective , responsible actions by people to  preserve planet.

Key Benefits of Our Eco Saver B2J Container Design


Can now safely and effortlessly use the 10-15 % of their product they would have previously discarded as inaccessible product residue.  The B2J Design will also reduce the hassle and inconvenience for consumers to manually access the product residue.


Can use this product design as a differentiation strategy to increase brand awareness, attract new consumers, build customer loyalty and expand market share.

The Environment:

Can benefit from 0 % product residue being discharged as consumers can now easily access and use the 10-15% product they would have otherwise discarded.

Can benefit from a significant reduction in frequency and volume of containers (with and without residue) being disposed of by consumers who choose to re-assemble the components of  B2J container into the original design and re-purpose and re-use.